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Are you worried that your hair isn't growing fast enough? There may be a simple solution to this. Stick around and find out what to do so you can speed up your hair growth.

Hair Care Tip: Eat More Protein for Healthier and Faster Hair Growth

Why Protein is Good for Your Hair

  It is known that the food you eat affect not only your health but your physical appearance as well. Needless to say, healthy foods are the best for the body's condition inside and out. If you want to achieve faster and healthier hair growth, you should consume protein rich food. Protein is the substance which every hair strand is made of. Lack of protein may lead to dull and weak hair that is prone to breakage and loss. Eating protein rich foods like fish, chicken ,nuts and legumes are advisable for faster, stronger, and shinier hair.

Watch the video below to know how protein affects hair growth:

Our crowning glory is very important. We always take time, caring for our hair because when it is at it's optimum condition, we feel good and confident. Incorporating protein in your daily diet is not very hard. It is indeed worth it if you will have a longer and healthier hair as a result.

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